The Best Toothpaste in The World (Yours Sucks)

You can do better than that mass marketed garbage!

You can do better than that mass marketed garbage!

Most toothpaste is rather ridiculous… You eat and then a few hours later your teeth have sweaters (bacteria poop) and you are a plaque monster… well you might want to reconsider the junk you use to clean your teeth.  If you haven’t read about my favorite deodorant, check that out right now so you truly appreciate this article.

The problem

Most toothpastes are designed to taste good, not to work well.  They are a gross, sticky, sugary, artificially flavored chemical filled garbage.  Someday we will be amazed that we used to stick this stuff in our mouths.  Millions of Americans use this stuff every day and still get cavities.  What a joke.  Cavities and tooth decay are caused by bacteria and bacteria thrive in an acidic environment.  Sugar is acidic and is fuel for bacteria.  Most toothpaste is also acidic rather than alkaline.

My Quest

So before I reveal this cool stuff I use on my teeth let me explain a little journey I had.  I wanted to discover how to remove and prevent plaque since I was tired of forking out money to a dental person to scrape my teeth with a metal hook.  If plaque can build on my teeth gradually while I am brushing and using toothpaste then there must be something that can gradually dissolve it or take it off.  How does it get on there anyhow?

So in my Google quest I came across ionic toothbrushes from Japan.  The websites selling these items said that our teeth are magnetic or ionized and are attracting plaque and it bonds.  These toothbrushes ionized the teeth or charged them so that they repelled plaque and actually removed its bond with your teeth.  I also own a water ionizer that alkalizes drinking water so I figured there must be a substance in nature that is ionic and can remove plaque without a fancy weird toothbrush.

What I wanted

How amazing would it be to find a toothpaste that is…

  1. Alkalizing
  2. kills bacteria
  3. is natural and safe
  4. absorbs/kills odor
  5. is sugar free
  6. fluoride free – fluoride is not good for you or kids.  Google it.
  7. affordable

Again we must turn to the…

The Natural, Ionic, Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Alkalizing, Miracle Powder

Bob's Red Mill Aluminum Free Baking Soda

Bob's Red Mill Aluminum Free Baking Soda

This stuff is so cool!  Brush your teeth and tongue with it and then rinse your mouth out with water and the water tastes sweet like sugar water.  I love that.   If you have read my deodorant article then you probably guessed that it is Aluminum Free Baking Soda again.  Yes, my deodorant and toothpaste are the same stuff!  And they work fantastic!

My teeth stay clean nearly all day long with a single brush, there is no yucky sweet or flavored aftertaste to temporarily ruin my relationship with flavorful foods, plaque seems to have disappeared altogether, and tooth sweaters are a thing of the past.

So toss the food coloring, artificial flavored, goo of chemicals that you would never willingly choose to ingest and go get some of this stuff already!

Make sure to keep it sealed in an airtight container so it doesn’t absorb some funny flavor.

So go try it out, buy it here if you can’t find it, and report to others in the comments.