The Best Deodorant on Earth (Your Deodorant Sucks!)

StinkySpicy Pit Lube - The Best Money can Buy!  Women will finally be attracted to you due to your chemical smell!  Get some today!

StinkySpicy Pit Lube - The Best Money can Buy! Women will finally be attracted to you due to your chemical smell! Get some today!

So I am in a musical right now and the men’s dressing room smells like a bucket of body-odor and onion soup.  It’s pretty nasty.  I however am not a contributor to the stench and figured I would share my secret.  In their defense performing is high stress and it gets hot on stage under those bright lights.  Now this is a rare find and it will be difficult to believe since you have been so heavily influenced by advertising and conspiring marketers to avoid something so simple and use some fatty, chemical, perfume-ish grease.  How great would it be to have super cheap deodorant, that outperformed anything out there, and it is natural, safe, and free of chemicals?

I dare you to drop the crappy-working stuff you currently use to keep your pits smelling fresh. You know your deodorant sucks right?  You actually start sweating and minutes later you smell like fresh cut onions sprinkled with garlic salt.  Why? Because your arm pits have turned into a bacteria fest amplified by sweat.  You are probably dying to know by now, but I don’t want to tell you yet because it is so simple that you might not try it.

I have tried the “natural” deodorants, the name brand junk, and nothing works better than this!

The Wish-list

Now in order to really make you appreciate how great this is I want to present a near impossible wish-list for a deodorant.  In order to prevent body odor, you must first prevent bacteria.  First, realize that bacteria have a difficult time growing in an alkaline environment.  So we need a substance that is alkaline or alkalizing.  We also need a substance that is safe for the body even though it kills bacteria, perhaps a substance that is at least edible in small quantities.  Additionally, why not choose a substance that is a powerful tried and true cleanser to keep you feeling clean.  And finally, let’s find something that is a powerful odor eater using ions like the ionic air purifiers and has anti-fungal properties.  Also let’s make it a simple powder for ease of application and so it never is
sticky to cause a rash or rubbing.

The Natural, Ionic, Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Alkalizing, Miracle Powder

Bob's Red Mill Aluminum Free Baking Soda

Bob's Red Mill Aluminum Free Baking Soda

Ready to appreciate it?  It is sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda.  All sodiums are ionic wonders, but it is easier to apply the powder of baking soda than salt.  Also salt deodorants suck from my experience, because they have been exposed or combined with stuff that eventually negated their ionic charge. Even baking soda deodorants suck because they have combined the baking soda with liquids and compounds that kill its effectiveness. Purity equals effectiveness.

It’s not that simple

Now you can’t just use any baking soda.  You really need to make sure it is Aluminum Free.  This is important because aluminum is a man-made substance that causes all sort of problems.  Also remember that skin is not rubber, it absorbs anything you put on it into your blood, so eliminating unnecessary chemicals is a good idea.  You can pick it up in most health food stores or if you are lucky in the baking aisle of your grocery store.  I use Bob’s Red Mill Aluminum Free Baking Soda.

Salt that loses is savor?

Another tip is to make sure you have it in an airtight container so it doesn’t absorb junk and lose its effectiveness. I use a small travel shampoo bottle with a flip top lid and I make sure to snap it shut after use.

So now are you excited to try it?  You don’t need to use much and I haven’t had any problems with clothing issues.  I just pour some powder on my hands and rub it into my pits and then rinse of my hands.  Done!  I do that in the morning and when I am done with my musical performance and get home around 10 or 11pm I still smell great.

You want to try it?  Feeling lazy?  Buy it here on Amazon. How cool would it be if you would experiment and then come back and report in the comments (and then share this tip with your B.O. buddies)?