Tell the world you are leaving town so they can steal your stuff – Or Don’t.

Is it really worth it?

Is it really worth it?

It is nearing Thanksgiving, a time when many of us start traveling to eat bird with family.  Let’s face it, many of us feel the need to let the universe know what we are doing via status updates on various networks such as Facebook and Twitter whenever we actually do anything remotely interesting or different than sitting at our computer.  This is also a great way to let would-be criminals know that you will be out of town for a few days so they can break into your house without any complications. “No, no not my online ‘friends,’ they are perfect and I know them all deeply, and I would never use Twitter!”  Read on…

The economy is down, Christmas is coming, and joblessness is at a crazy high.   Don’t tempt people, especially not your online “friends.”

So before you plan on posting anything like the following…

“Now boarding a flight to LA, Yipee!”

and then…

“Can’t wait until Monday to be back in my select comfort bed!”

You might want to consider what the criminally minded or desperate might be thinking when they read it.

To be clear, you don’t want to post something like this on your Facebook Status:

“My poor house is all alone and the side door is unlocked and my social security card is in my top dresser drawer, boy I hope no one steals my 50″ plasma TV,  – man I really need to get an alarm system and a dog.  Did I mention I don’t have a dog there?”

Rather,  something like this might be good:

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I’m grateful I live in a country that allows me to bear arms, keep a very protective attack dog, and install cameras throughout my house.”

If you share things leave out specific details, or post about them once you are back.  You can also mention security measures such as house-sitters, dogs, alarms, etc.

Get a house-sitter or have someone stop by each day to check on the house, bring in mail, turn on lights, etc.

Please pass this along (share this post) on your Facebook page, or wherever your friends are to remind them that security is still an issue online and in the real world.

Oh, and travel safely and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Any other tips?  Have some other stupid status update ideas?  Share in the comments below.