Movie The Blind Side is Great and So is My Wife Ashley

Sandra Bullock's latest flick, a heartwarming, tear-jerker.

Sandra Bullock's latest flick, a heartwarming, tear-jerker.

We went and saw the movie The Blind Side last night and man… I was failing miserably at holding back tears the entire show. I found it extremely moving, touching, and it really hit home.  Many people might tell you it is about an uneducated, black, homeless kid who was taken in by a white family, taught football, tutored, and eventually went pro in the NFL, but that is not accurate.  The movie is really about a woman that reaches out, does the right thing, and makes a huge difference in a young man’s life.  A truly inspiring story and for me, personally moving.

As we were driving home I realized why I was so moved by this film… (keep reading –>)

…the character Sandra Bullock played in the Blind Side movie reminded me of my wife Ashley, not only are they both attractive, strong-willed, and intelligent, but they both decided to love kids that were not their own.

Ashley took two little girls in to her life, that weren’t hers and chose to love them and be a mother to them.  She didn’t have to.  No one sees how difficult it has been for her, dealing with my ex-wife’s anger, defensiveness, and desire to be the only mom in their lives.  She has dealt with hatred.  She has even been yelled at and called a “little hussy” to her face by my ex-mother-in law (don’t worry, apologies have been made).   Ashley took the high road and gave gifts, gas money, cards, etc. to my ex-wife, seeking to create a peaceful environment, only to have her motives questioned and attacked.  Ashley was also, unjustly, the primary target of attack in legal custody battles and falsely slandered and painted as the selfish, meddling stepmother to a judge.

Ashley was the one that suggested we should to move to Burley.  She felt we needed to be closer to the girls.  She felt the girls needed it and she knew I needed it.  We had always wanted to be closer to the girls.  We just considered a move to Burley as being financially unsustainable, but we finally had the means to make such a move work, and so we did it.  Only God knows what rumors and stories had been said to people about her before moving here.  Many women would have given up, or perhaps decided to just be a distant stepmother.  She tearfully left all of her family behind in California because she wanted to make a difference in two little girls lives.

Ashley could have just been my wife, she could have been one of the evil stepmothers you see in movies, or that are spoken of in many classic children’s stories.  These are, in my opinion women that took the easy route, guarded their hearts and then began to resent the relationship their man has with their kids.  Ashley however, has chosen to stay open and vulnerable and loving toward the girls, be a mother to them, and love them, in spite of all the challenges.

During one of our trips to Burley to visit the girls, before moving there.  The girls used to call this place "Dad's Hotel."

During one of our trips to Burley to visit the girls, before moving here. The girls used to call this place "Dad's Hotel."

The girls love her.  She has always planned crafty projects to do with them and I can’t even get them to go to sleep unless they get a kiss goodnight from “Mom.”

As Ashley and I were driving back from the theater, I expressed to her that she was just as amazing as the mother in the movie.  I tearfully expressed my gratitude for her loving me and my two precious daughters.  She sat quiet for a while and then revealed she came away from the movie feeling like she wasn’t doing enough service or making a big enough difference in the world.  No, the girls weren’t homeless, and no, they won’t become professional football players, and our story will likely never become a movie, but the sacrifices Ashley has made and the love she has given is just as big and just as important.  Not only has she greatly impacted two little girls, but she also took a broken, divorced, shell-of-a-man, and believed in him and loved him, and that is what makes Ashley great, in anyone’s eyes.  How can you not love such a woman?

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