Female Tricks of the Trade – How to be Sexy (for Women)

Tactics... The "Child face" evokes in men the desire to protect.  Red lips and blush mimic arousal.

Tactics... The "Child face" evokes in men the desire to protect and makes your eyes appear larger by minimizing the face. Red lips and blush mimic arousal.

Sexiness, attractiveness, flirtatiousness, etc.  Some girls have got it and some girls don’t, but perhaps the real issue is that some have learned these tricks and some have not.  Be forewarned this is powerful stuff:  This is a black magic art that creates sexual energy and should only be used by mature adults.

I am a fan of body language and I love to figure out people and I just happen to be married to an extremely sexy woman.  A great book on the subject is The Definitive Book of Body Language.  Buy it, you will love it!

The Principle

The general principle to being sexy and arousing and attracting men is to appear aroused and attracted.  Women being “sexy” to men is appearing sexual.  Seems pretty simple right?

The Tricks

Here are the female tricks of the trade, many of which are picked up unconsciously from watching females or are possibly embedded in genetic code:

  • Smoky eyes – mimics the eyes women make during intercourse.  Just squint slightly.  You will see this used in a plethora of ads.
    Angelina loves to use smoky eyes!

    Angelina loves to use smoky eyes!

    This could be used to create the playful “Oh, You’re in trouble” look, with a slight smile.

  • Rosy lips and rosy cheeks – This has been done for ages as a tactic to arouse men.  Why? According to experts it mimics the natural flush of the face experienced during intercourse.   Note, if you wear dramatic lipstick keep the eye makeup light to balance it out.
  • Aroused face – This includes the smoky eyes, but is coupled with an open mouth.

    Marilyn Monroe - The queen of mimicking the face of arousal. Exposing neck, darkened lips, smoky eyes, and looking up to the taller males.

    Marilyn Monroe - The queen of mimicking the face of arousal. Exposing neck, darkened lips, smoky eyes, and looking up to the taller males.

  • Smile – There are a lot of different smiles.  Mischievous ones with smoky eyes for instance.
  • Eye contact – of course.
  • The intimate stare – This involves focusing your glare back and forth between the person’s eyes and lips.  This triangle space is the intimate stare and suggests you want to kiss them.  Do this while talking with someone you are interested in.
  • Licking lips – Add this to the intimate stare to suggest you are prepared for a wet kiss or use alone to suggest they are delicious.
  • The leg twist – The Sexiest way to sit – not just crossing your legs but doing what men cannot do… cross them at the knee and keep going… wrap and twist them so your foot is wrapped around the back of the other leg.  This highlights a difference between men and women.
  • Sexiest way to talk – Slow and low – slow down your words and add pauses as often as possible and talk at the low end of your range.  Often women will add a breathy quality to mimic arousal.
  • Hip-swaying walk – hip action – swing those hips the way a guy never should.
  • Beyonce is a notorious armpit exposer.  Here she is demonstrating the S-Curve stance, much more interesting than standing straight up.

    Beyonce is a notorious armpit exposer. Here she is demonstrating the S-Curve stance, much more interesting than standing straight up.

    Sanding S-curve – Sexiest way to stand – Standing straight is boring, create an S-curve by leaning on one leg and popping a hip out.  This highlights the female body’s curvature.  This is often seen in exaggeration with a hand on a hip and the other on the hair in cartoons.

  • Chest emphasis – Roll those shoulders back and tighten those abs.  Shoulders rolled forward are a sign of weakness, shame, guilt, fear, etc.  Open up your chest and heart area to show confidence.
  • Sexiest way to pick things up – Keep your legs straight and bend at the waist, while making sure your butt is towards your victim (obviously for light lifting).
  • The Child face – Looking up, head tilted to the side, big eyes – This evokes in men the need to protect you by making your face appear smaller and eyes appear larger and more child-like.  You can tilt your head down and to the side if they are not standing taller than you.
  • Exposing the neck – lift your head up and away from your male victim as if you are showing him you have a neck, maintain eye contact and you are golden.  Think willing vampire victim.
  • Exposing the wrists – Again, displays openness and vulnerability.
  • Exposing armpit – This supposedly has to do with making pheromones available.
  • Weak wrists – bend those wrists, just let your hands dangle like earrings when not in use.
  • Self grooming – This is natural way of expressing that you care that they see you.  Take the opportunity to move your hair to show your neck, fix your lipstick to highlight your lips, or smooth out your dress, when you think they are looking.  This is a mating ritual performed by humans when they see someone attractive.
  • Self touching – This suggests to them you want to be touched by them wherever you are touching.  Rub a shoulder, push a hand across your thigh, wipe fingers down your neck, play with your hair, whatever… you get the idea.
  • Looking over the shoulder – Try to bring your chin over your shoulder by turning your head and popping your shoulder.  It is as if you are showing off your shoulder.  The curve of the female shoulder mimics other curves and is found to be arousing to men.
  • Cleavage – I read that this is arousing to men because it mimics the cleavage of the buttocks.  They say guys are either breast-men or butt-men – each mimic one another.  I think it is interesting that cleavage with the breasts must be created unnaturally using support from clothing to mimic something only seen when naked.
  • Pointing toes – highlights the shape of their legs.
  • Dangling your shoe – This is a highly flirtatious move that suggests they are in a playful mood and suggests undressing.  If it is being bounced or swung on the foot it is even more attractive and suggestive.

    Shoe dangling/bouncing draws attention to the legs.

    Shoe dangling/bouncing draws attention to the legs.

  • Oral teasing – Sucking or licking on anything such as candy, popsicles, your fork or spoon, or eating a banana, just imagine it being phallic.  This is torturous to men and highlights the lips.  Slower equals greater impact.
  • Phallic object teasing – Stripper poles were no accident.  Objects such as pens, pencils, spoons, cigarettes, pole lamps, a bar, arm rail, can be used.  Nearly any lengthy item can be used as a phallic symbol.  Being subtle is key here though!  You don’t want to be too obvious here or you start moving from sexy to suggestive (such as a stripper pole).  Lightly running your finger across a pencil on your desk, while talking can be plenty.
  • Arching the back – stretching is a nice way to pull this off.  This highlights the female figure, narrows the waist and accentuates curves above and below the waist.

Final Notes

You probably noticed the basic ideas here and can come up with some of your own.  It is easy to combine many of these things together, especially movements and expressions.  Women master this list, you may realize you do a lot of these things unconsciously throughout the day.  Once you are conscious of them you can avoid sending the wrong signals to the wrong people!  Just go easy on us men… I have to admit even though I am keenly aware of these things they still work on me, maybe even more so.  I believe this is because before I knew about these tricks I might have missed them as signals of interest and they would go unnoticed.

It may feel weird at first to some gals, like anything new… Remember actions create feelings.  Act sexier and you will feel sexier and the more you do it the more confident you will get at it.

One final tip: The sexiest outfit is a fit body, period.  What this means is exercise does more than the most expensive and finest clothing, because the female form becomes more attractive and magnetic as it gravitates towards health.  The good news is you don’t have to look perfect, using these tricks actually changes a guys vision – he will see you as something else entirely.

Any revelations?  Did I miss anything?  Try any of these out?  What tricks do you use on your man?  Notice any that females do?

Let us know how they worked in the comments!