B. Hull beats A. Hull?

So, if you haven’t read my post about being an A. Hull, read that first.  Warning: This post is incredibly immature, juvenile, and offensive to boring old prudes.  My brother Bryant is obviously a B. Hull.  Bryant shared this humorous (juvenile) video with me… It turns out Hardees restaurant was testing to see if people…

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Being an A. Hull

To truly appreciate this post you may want to read this out loud… and try not to laugh or I’ll cry. I have never understood why so often, people are ashamed to reveal their middle name… I just don’t get it… After-all it is a part of who they are… Actually that is not true……

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Jason is Great?

I am great! Okay, I admit, it may or may not be true… and I agree that I may not be at the caliber of Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, etc.  Sure they were obviously great.  I also know you will use your power of judgment to decide, regardless of what I suggest, and that you likely…

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