Being an A. Hull

To truly appreciate this post you may want to read this out loud… and try not to laugh or I’ll cry.

I have never understood why so often, people are ashamed to reveal their middle name… I just don’t get it… After-all it is a part of who they are…

Me (Son of an A. Hull), Grandpa (made my Dad an A. Hull), My Dad (an A. Hull and A. Mann Hull) holding Hudson (Not an A. Hull)

Me (Son of an A. Hull), Grandpa (made my Dad an A. Hull), My Dad (an A. Hull and A. Mann Hull) holding Hudson (Not an A. Hull)

Actually that is not true… So I rarely reveal my middle name, or use my middle initial… Why?  Because then I become Jason A. Hull.

You can imagine how much I love when my credit cards come in the mail and say Jason A. Hull instead of Jason Hull, or people read things out loud with that name on it.  My coolness levels skyrocket!

Luckily no one knew this in high school or my name would have been unofficially changed to A. Hull, against my will, and everyone would have told me that I was an A. Hull daily.  Anyhow, I have grown up a bit and am way more mature now (possibly untrue), so I actually sometimes use it to inject humor into meeting people and helping them remember my name.

Now some people may think I actually fit the name A. Hull and deserve to be called an A. Hull, to which my mature response is that it takes one to know one, and if you aren’t an A. Hull then you obviously do not know me well enough to be qualified to speak on the matter.  So there.

It is in my blood to be an A. Hull

My dad gave me his name, as my middle name, which is Alan.  So technically my dad is the original A. Hull and was an A. Hull long before I was an A. Hull.  To top that off, my dad’s middle name is Mann… so he is Alan Mann Hull.  So yes, not only is my dad an A. Hull, but he is also a Mann Hull or actually A. Mann Hull.

I married one

So not only are me and my dad A. Hulls, but I married my wife Ashley, thereby turning her into an A. Hull.  So now I am married to an A. Hull that I love dearly.  So if you know the three of us then you have met 3 wonderful A. Hulls.  Maybe if Ashley and I get tan enough we can be brown A. Hulls?

Future A. Hulls?

Well so far none of my kids are A. Hulls, even though both of their parents are A. Hulls, so being an A. Hull must be caused by a highly recessive gene… considering the odds… and since 2 of my kids will likely someday marry and change their last name, they won’t create any A. Hulls either.  They still have the opportunity by giving their kids an A. name with the middle name of Hull.  So, there is still the likelihood that there will be more A. Hulls in my bloodline.  I don’t think any of my brothers are planning on raising A. Hulls, but you never know… there are a lot of nice A. names.  My dad insured the highest possible chance of their being more A. Hulls by only having sons, five of them in fact, but he only bestowed the honor of being an A. Hull, like himself, to me, his oldest son.  Apparently it was my birthright to be an A. Hull.

Well I of course had to follow suit with my firstborn son Hudson.  So, can you guess what I gave him as a middle name?

Actually, Jason.

Meaning matters

Jason comes from Greek and means “one who will heal” or “healer.”  I guess that means I will heal quickly after the damage is caused by revealing this.  So what is it like being an A. Hull?  It is a privilege few humans experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  I would have to say I am not a dirty, stinky or ugly A. Hull and that I am a decent guy.  So hopefully you feel guilty when you tell people about this post and tell people I am an A. Hull.  The name Alan actually means handsome or cheerful.  So I am a cheerful, handsome A. Hull.  Hull is an old English word for hill.  So I am the “handsome healer on a hill” – a pretty good title for an A. Hull like my self.

When you name your kids, make sure you choose a name with meaning like mine…

Have a funny name?  Know of a funny name?  Like your middle name?  Let everyone know in the comments.