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“Paint Your Wagon” a Wild Good Time!

Most of our audience members so far have had white hair and they have been great! I wanted to draw out the younger crowd because they are really missing out.  So younger crowd… what get’s you excited? Interracial relationships, polygamy, saloon women, alcohol, a hanging, swearing, theft, racism, Mormons, Mexicans, minors, or gold, all await…

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The Benefits of Living in a Small Town

I recently moved from one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world, West Los Angeles, to a small town of roughly 9,000, Burley, Idaho.  I grew up in a Southern California suburb, which is somewhere in between, so I have a good perspective of the differences and advantages of each.  Most of our friends…

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Jason is Great?

I am great! Okay, I admit, it may or may not be true… and I agree that I may not be at the caliber of Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, etc.  Sure they were obviously great.  I also know you will use your power of judgment to decide, regardless of what I suggest, and that you likely…

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